5 Tips To Eating Healthy at Christmas

The Christmas period is fast upon, and it’s always a time when we let ourselves go and overindulge a little. The average person will eat around 6,000 calories on Christmas day! That’s 3 times the daily allowance for women! However, there are still ways we can enjoy the festive period and keep the pounds off. Here are 5 my top tips to have a healthy merry Christmas:

1. Try to keep sweet snacks and chocolates as an after-meal treat. If you’re having guests over, a good tip is to wait until they’ve arrived to stop the temptation to snack.

2. Serve Christmas dinner with lots of vegetables. The annual Christmas dinner doesn’t have to be a carb – heavy meal, lots of green vegetables like broccoli, peas or even courgettes will go down a treat with the whole family.

3. Don’t over do it on the buffet. Eat slowly and wisely. Savouring those buffet nibbles will help you to feel fuller and not over-eat, and staying clear of the pastries will help keep the pounds from piling up.

4. Drink sensibly. It’s perfectly fine to have a few drinks over Christmas, but try to think about whether you actually do need to drink or not. Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated and stop you from craving food when you’re not hungry. High salt content in Christmas foods can leave you wanting more when it can merely just be that you’re a little dehydrated.

5. Indulge in the right things. Why not take advantage of the glorious selection of winter berries available. Dried apricots and cranberries can also be a festive treat; a handful of those will stop you snacking and give you plenty of energy for the festive celebrations.

If you follow my simple tips, you’ll be sure to enjoy the festive season without the worry of putting on too much weight. 



4 diet must-haves for healthy and glowing skin.

We all love make up and I rarely see women these days who don’t wear some makeup on a daily basis, but excessive layers of make up might make you look pretty for the time being but it is damaging your skin in the long term. Millions of women spend a lot of money on acne creams, face packs and other cosmetics to treat their skin but beauty is truly skin deep in this case because if your skin is not internally healthy it will never show on the surface. To treat your skin internally it’s very important to eat the right things and include certain food items in your diet.

Water – We all are aware of the fact that drinking plenty of water helps to keep your skin hydrated.. Drinking at least 10 glasses of tap water throughout the day not only hydrates the skin but also removes toxins from your body thus keeping you internally healthy.

Fish – The fatty acids that most fish contains is the key element for a healthy skin. Fish has Omega-3s, which keeps cell membranes of our skin healthy by keeping out harmful substances and allowing nutrients to enter cells. Omega-3s also reduces our body’s production of inflammatory agents, which usually causes acne and other skin problems.

Green Tea – Green Tea doesn’t just help burn fat but is also rich in antioxidants which help reduce cell inflammation (acne) and also protects cell membranes which might get blocked due to excessive use of makeup. It also reduces sunburn damage, which helps reduce the risks of getting skin cancer.

Vegetables – Most vegetables contain essential elements like vitamin A, C and K and all of these are extremely good for your skin. So vegetables like Carrots, Cucumber, Cabbage, Tomatoes and Spinach can show excellent results if consumed regularly. Most vegetables also contain a large proportion of water in them, which act as anti toxins and keeps the skin clear and healthy.